Dairy and Your Skin



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Dairy and Your Skin

May 9, 2010

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Hi My Dear Tippers,
Last week, I left you thinking about dairy and your skin.
Everybody’s different, however, for me, ingesting dairy does not produce good skin.
Slathering dairy on my face, on the other hand, does.
A dear friend of mine reccomended a new facialist who I am researching (more to come) and she suggested I try a SOUR CREAM facial to alleviate my dry, sensitive skin.
One tub of organic sour cream and 20 mins later, my skin felt incredibly soft and hydrated.
My skin literally inhaled the sour cream. I watched it in the mirror, for real.
Cooling, soothing and very relaxing and completely fascinating.
If your skin is dry, give it a try.

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