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Before you leave the house

June 20, 2010

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Hi My Dear Tippers,

A BIG shout out to my new friends at CAMPUSPEAK who I had the sublime pleasure of speaking to last weekend in Colorado.

CAMPUSPEAK provides colleges and universities with powerful speakers.
We talked about ways to dress to represent themselves, their message AND reach their audience.

A lot of information was passed on and I wanted to give them…and you, a way to figure out where to begin working on your look.

Tomorrow, when you are getting ready for your day, pay attention to the last thing you do before you leave the house.

Do you get dressed then do your make up, THEN do your hair??

Guys, do you put off getting dressed until the very end? Wait to deal with your hair?

Whatever you put off, that is where you begin.

We put off what frustrates us the most.

That is where you start. Focus on a new hair cut. Invest in new make up.

In case you missed it last week….check out the new web site!!

More for you…enjoy!


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