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100th birthday

June 24, 2010

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Hi My Dear Tippers,

A big happy birthday wish for Catherine Bertha.
She is my Grandmother and today, she turns 100!!!

Amazing, right?

The whole family is heading out to Arizona to celebrate this
phenomenal event. This is a big deal.

My Aunt cited a study which looked at many, many centenarians, some smoked, some drank,  and the ONLY thing they ALL had in common is they had someone in their family who lived to be 100.

That was it. Everything else varied. Some ate healthy, some didn’t, BUT
they all saw an example of a long life. Knew it was possible.

Makes you think what else we could do if we simply had an example.

Thank you, Grandma, for giving us all this gift.

What are you giving to your family?


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