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  • gift buying June 30, 2010

    Hi My Dear Tippers,

    When shopping for gifts, do you shop for their style or yours?

    Think about it. You are drawn to something in a store, attracted to it.
    Why? Because it’s your style.

    It speaks to you, not necessarily the person you are shopping for.

    Keep their style in the forefront and, if it looks like something they already have, you’re on the right track.

    Keep it simple.

    If you are REALLY stuck, bring them into your world.

    Buy something you love and, when you gift it, tell them why you thought
    they would love it too.

    The best basil sorbet you ever tasted.

    A private yoga session with an instructor you love.

    The pillow that makes you sleep more soundly than you ever thought possible.

    Shop consciously and thoughtfully.