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  • hermessence July 16, 2010

    Hi My Dear Tippers,

    Just got back from Italy, Florence to be exact.

    I heard more English spoken in the heart of Florence than I do in NY…and they have a Disney store, however, the city has a sweet charm that hasn’t changed.

    Shopping internationally, has, though.

    The same brands, some merchandise is different, some fits are different, however, basically the same.

    I was on the hunt for a little pick me up and wandered into Hermes…just to keep cool, mind you….: )

    I am a fan of their scents and, just like they have in NY, the Hermes in Florence carries HERMESSENCE. Light, layering fragrances designed for men and women. For some reason they just looked better there.

    link here

    Very Jo Malone, I know, and I love Jo Malone, however, these scents are very dimensional and a lovely change if you have been layering your Jo Malone for a while.

    Designed to travel…the bottles in the gift box are JUST under the airport regulations. And that is a good thing as I am writing you from the airport headed to Hong Kong .

    It will be a thousand million degrees there so I want to sure I can at least smell somewhat presentable.

    More next week. Until then, stay cool and smelling good.