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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
Hi My Dear Tippers,
It’s not like I need any more addictions in Japan. I mean, the sake, the fish, shopping, the scrubs.
BUT…as I was running into Isetan (Japan’s version of Barney’s) I was magnetically drawn to my new addiction.
Innocently walking towards their fancy food basement to buy gifts, it pulled me in..
My new addiction is literally ADDICTION, a make up line by famed make up artist Ayako. She was the principle artist under Nars for fourteen years and the striking color palette leans to that influence.
ADDICTION is an exclusive Japanese line designed for you to be yourself. Typical Japanese lines have a lot of shimmer, a lot of pink. ADDICTION gives you shimmer, AND matte AND reds…colors not normally seen. This is grown up make up for women who want to be bold or not, but, in control.
The colors are striking and the combinations seem limitless. The tools also are quite good, too.
Ayako’s eyeliner, for example, is smart. It is a metal body with a soft waterproof liner and a built-in sharpener at the base. Genius.
So now it’s a problem. I bought some but need more. I begged them to bring to NY, pleaded really. I obsess about the blush I didn’t buy.
Does this sound normal? Sane? No, it’s an addiction and for all of our sakes, I hope it gets here soon.