Top Ten Tips 04

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Thursday, May 28th, 2009
Hi My Dear Tippers,
When you meet someone you know, did you know the first thing you recognize about them is the way they walk?
It’s not a conscious thing, it more a subconscious recognition. Happens in an instant.
Actors usually create a believable walk to help bring a character to life or perfect the walk of a well known figure.
Watching videos of Harvey Milk explains why Sean Penn won the best actor oscar. His walk was spot on.
In the same flash of a second someone recognizes your walk, they also subconsciously asses the balance of your look.
From the length of your hair in comparison to the length of your neck, from the width of your pant opening to the length of your trench coat, people, schooled or unschooled, notice if you are in balance or not.
Think about it. When you see a well dressed person walking down the street, your eye knows, it recognizes something special. You experience an instant wave of recognition. In a glance, you know you just saw a well dressed person and your eye most always goes back for more.
That something special initially has to do with proportion of all your elements. Are they balanced?
Pay attention this week. Be aware of what catches your eye on other people and see if you notice an overall feeling of balance and proper proportion. Also ask yourself if you appear balanced and in proper proportion.
I can help you with that. More next week.
Until then….