Top Ten Tips 09

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Thursday May 17th, 2007
This past winter I had a couple fashion victim moments, I will admit. Actually, maybe more than a couple…
Some of my favorites involved my 5 foot grey heather hand knitted scarf/wrap. I closed it in a total of about 3 cab doors and tripped up at least 4 sets of stairs.
Not to be forgotten, is my beautiful black Chloe bag with the extra and useless straps which hang down the sides. Really lovely…especially when a gale force wind took the straps and basically slapped me across the face while hailing a cab.
Do I berate myself for the mishaps? Absolutely not.
For me, if I’m not experiencing some ridiculous clothing/accessory moment, I’m not experimenting enough.
People, fashion is fun, fashion is expressive. Fashion should not be taken too seriously…really. If you do, it becomes a bit sad.
We all want to look good. Give yourself some slack. Collect your favorite fashion mishaps. I know I do. Great cocktail party conversation.
Today, for example, I am bouncing around in my billowy Catherine Malandrino tunic pointelle sweater. You know, “is it a shirt, is it a dress?”, lots of fabric. Looks good with skinny jeans or simply chunky heels.
I love it.
Unfortunately, so do random post-its and hangers. Seriously, I walked around for about 3 mins before someone told me I had a hanger hanging off my oh-so-fashionable tunic.
File another loveable fashion mishap.