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Wednesday, April 7th 2010
Hi My Dear Tippers,
What were you paying in rent fifteen years ago? What were you paying for shoes fifteen years ago? How about hotel rooms? Dinners out? Less than you are now, right? Much less. So, let me ask you, what were you paying for t-shirts? And shorts? And socks? About the same, right?

The price of basic clothing has not increased, in fact, a great deal of it has decreased thanks to most of production moving to China. But hold on. It’s about to change. After the recent Chinese New Year celebration, a time when workers go back to their mainland villages where they were born, many decided to stay and not return to their factory jobs in the major cities. Big shocker to the factory owners.

You see, our inexpensive t-shirts and socks have helped to create a strong Chinese economy. Workers can now stay in their home towns and work. They don’t need to leave their families, work seven days a week and live in factory dorms. Good and bad. Their economy is stronger but, man, what they had to do to get there. Something to think about when picking up your next five pack of undies.